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NEW #SUBMISSIONS CALL! Illusions of the Heart #Paranormal #Romance #Anthology

Roane Publishing is seeking submissions for our upcoming paranormal romance anthology, ILLUSIONS OF THE HEART! 

This title is slated for release in spring 2019.

Ghosts, shifters, secrets, family curses, and things that go bump in the night. Bring us your contemporary paranormal romance tales of 15-20k words. Make us think, make us feel, thrill and frighten us. Be sure it's romantic, but no erotic, please. LGBt tales are welcome as long as it fits the theme.

Submission Deadline: September 30, 2018
  • Must be a contemporary paranormal romance based in some way on the prompt and include a HEA or HFN ending.
  • Stories must be at least 15k in length, but should be no more than 20k.
  • Give us some heat, but no erotic romance, please.
  • No fantasy or holiday themed stories.
  • No reprints or sim subs.

Please email a brief query letter along with your completed, polished manuscript (double spaced, Times New Roman size 12, no TABS or spaces indenting paragraphs) to and put PNR_ANTHO_(YOUR TITLE) in the SUBJECT LINE of your email.

Completed stories should be attached in TXT, RTF, DOC, or DOCX format ONLY and attached to your query email. All other attachment file types will be deleted unopened.
If you do not receive a reply by October 14th, please follow-up by email at Do not send your submissions to this address. They will be deleted unopened.

Head over to our SUBMISSIONS PAGE for a peek into our author contract.

#FREE on #Kindle LOVE'S SORROW by @TerriRochenski #Historical #Romance


Love's Sorrow
Means of Mercy #1
Historical Romance Novel
by Terri Rochenski

Hired as a nanny for her cousin’s children, poor English rose, Anne Tearle finds security and a loving family. The children are a dream, but London society is a world of its own, one where a displaced farm girl has no business being. But, wealthy Scottish rake, Gavin MacKay, helps her to see associating with the upper class might not be as horrid as she first assumed.

Like all things worthwhile, love comes at a price, and the cost soon bestows more anguish than joy. Lost, but not undone, Anne must find the courage to begin life anew, or succumb to sorrow's unrelenting waves of grief.

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#Freebie #Friday Excerpt: ASYA IN THE TILT OF THE WORLD by Effie Molina #PNR #Vampires

Today's excerpt is from Asya in the Tilt of the World by Effie Molina.
We hope you enjoy today's tease!


Asya’s eyes filled with tears as her mind flooded with scenes of a dozen small misfortunes. No, not small misfortunes, she chided herself, petty revenges. They were petty revenges she had caused! She thought back on the bully with the gushing bloody nose, right at the moment he was going to go after the gay kid, and the obnoxious man with road rage who lost control of his car and swerved onto the median, damaging his fancy rims. 
For the first time, she was afraid. How would she ever be able to trust herself around people? How many other calamities had she caused?She didn’t exactly remember wishing bad things on people, but she was happy when they happened…. She’d thought she’d been witnessing karmic justice. 
“I can’t believe it,” Asya said in a choked voice. “I am karma!” 
Christian and James exchanged confused looks. 
Asya went on. “I caused all that. It was me!” 
James pulled her close as they leaned against a fragrant redwood, gently rocking her in his arms. “It’s okay, beautiful,” he murmured, nuzzling against her. “You’re a good person, and you make good decisions. That won’t change, just… now you have more…information.” 
Asya shuddered, tingling from the hint of his mouth on the back of her neck, her body suddenly alive from the feel of her body leaning up against his. She sighed, reaching up to grab onto his forearms crossed against her chest. 
“You’re just trying to distract me from a well-deserved meltdown,” she told him, her tone audibly lightened from moments before. 
“If you want a distraction, just look up,” James said. 
Asya did as she was told, and was rewarded with what looked to be miles and miles of trees heading straight up into the perfectly blue sky above them. Her breath caught in her chest at the sight, and as her head fell back against James’ shoulder she let out a sigh, took a deep breath and felt immediately better. 
“You call that a distraction?” Christian’s voice sounded from directly in front of her.  “Look down,” he commanded. 
Asya dropped her head and her lips were immediately met with his. Her mouth widened under his, his tongue finding hers. Asya could hear James’ intake of breath and could feel an appreciative sound come from deep in his chest as his arms tightened around her. Asya released James’ arms, reaching forward to grasp hold of the straps of Christian’s backpack, pulling him closer. Christian reached forward, bracing himself on the tree, his arms on either side of James' head, encircling them all.  Christian continued kissing her, pulling back to bite her gently on her lower lip. 
“Now you, lover,” Christian told James in a gruff voice. James lifted his head to comply, and as Christian leaned in to kiss him he pushed the entire length of his body against Asya, pushing her back against James. James moaned, leaving one arm around Asya, snaking the other to reach the back of Christian’s thigh, pulling him into them. 
Christian pulled back from the kiss, breathless. “I need no further distraction than the two of you.” 

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Cover Reveal: One Stormy Afternoon a #Sweet #Romance #Anthology

One Stormy Afternoon
A Sweet Romance Anthology
Release Date: November 5, 2018

Keywords: Sweet, Romance, Anthology, Fall, Contemporary, Family, Relationships, Secrets, Drama, Marriage, Divorce, Second chances, Fresh Start, Sailing, Abandonment

Bonds over Chauncey Waters by Janelle Allum

Divorce. Not a word any person wants to hear. But by thirty years old Geraldine "Geri" Walker finds herself confronting just that dreadful word when Jordy Bishop—the only man she’s ever loved—walks out.

Now, the focus is on selling their marital home to avoid a messy breakup. The only hitch is the house is located in Chauncey, a small, old-fashioned town which frowns on divorce so much that they are forced to pretend to be a happy couple to get the house sold.

They go along with the ruse for financial gain and independence, but when the estranged husband and wife come together for business, they realize that distance has not erased the past…or the pain. In fact, coming together compels them to finally address the secret which led to the demise of their marriage—a secret that’s been eddying beneath the surface for far longer than imagined. However, the truth can often be a blessing and a curse. It can provide an emotional release or cause a torrent of emotions. In the end, Geri and Jordy must decide what the truth is really worth to them.   

Starting Over by Pamela Fernandes

Cara Wallace is stunned to find Nathan Reynolds back in Henderson County. And his sudden arrival brings to the fore unresolved questions of what might have been. How could she unwrite the past? How could she undo the mistakes? How could she unlove him?
Nathan Reynolds can't understand why Cara chose to stay in this small town when she'd planned to go to college all her life. How could she sacrifice her career, her future and their love for a small run-down cottage in the middle of nowheresville? Whatever her reasons, Nathan intends to find out and start over again!

Thunder Makes Me Cry by Deryn Pittar

Fear and confusion reign when Antonia Prebble meets Andrew Mason in a thunderstorm. Not the most auspicious beginning for a romance which stumbles and falls when Antonia discovers Andrew has lied to her. She decides to continue with her career leaving Andrew in a position of weakness, something a man in his position is not used to. He wants her forgiveness but first he has to find her then he has to convince her to trust him. But he has memories that affect his behaviour. Can Antonia be the one to unfreeze his emotions and unlock his heart? 

Waiting on You by Lisa Freed

Terrin Tompkins, recently moved back to Pennsylvania to set up her needlepoint business, just wants to help out her longtime friend and single mother of one Sarah by picking up her son after school. Not blessed with the most patience in the world the school pick-up line is trying. Especially when Greg Yorkton thinks he’s more important than everyone else waiting and line cuts several times.

A chance encounter at the supermarket helps clear up the bad feelings between the two. When Greg stops and helps Terrin after her car breaks down on a stormy afternoon she’s officially ready to see where things might go with the quiet writer. Greg has other ideas and asks if Terrin would like to go out…with his widowed brother-in-law Steve. Will Terrin find unexpected romance with pediatrician Steve or will Greg finally see that she’s been waiting on someone like him?


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Guest Post: The Inspiration behind Asya in the Tilt of the World by Effie Molina #PNR #Vampires

Asya in theTilt of the World Inspiration Post

by Effie Molina

Asya in the Tilt of the World, or rather Asya, Christian and James, came in a dream. Specifically, I saw their first dance in the ballroom and the get-away in the limo, including the turning. I sometimes remember or stay with my dreams a while when first waking, but this one was especially vivid. I could see it, smell it, taste it, and the feelings they had toward each other I remember to this day. They stuck with me, and over time I found myself daydreaming about them, until they were fleshed out enough to put down on paper. Their adventures swept me a long at a pretty decent pace, I finished the first draft in six months. Then life kept happening, and five years later I pulled them back out of a dusty corner of my hard drive and workshopped the piece through my writing group.

I’m a social worker by day, in the field of child protective services. That means that every day is filled with a lot of tough realities, from childhood abuse and neglect, the opiate epidemic, domestic violence and poverty. It’s meaningful work, but what brings me back to Asya is the romance and fantasy of it all. I love romance, it’s hopeful. I love watching love prevail and grab my characters’ attention, especially in inconvenient moments, for example, when there’s saving the world to do. Strong feelings have a way of doing that – simultaneously taking someone out of their world and rooting them to it. It’s like coming home and feeling disoriented, and I find it delicious. I love exploring relationships, there’s so much learning that comes from intimacy with others. I also like to think about bigger issues. What would it take to get people to want to do good in the world, and to act on it? What does it mean to have power, or to be granted the privilege of power? What is trust and friendship? What does it take to heal humanity, and does everyone deserve healing?

Asya is caught totally unaware, and is utterly surprised when her life takes a turn into something so much larger than herself. She struggles with self-doubt, could it really be her that is meant to have an impact of the world? She can hardly believe it. I think this is place that many of us find ourselves in. We find ourselves in moments where we are placed on the crossroads. We have choices. Do I stand up against this injustice, or do I wait for someone (fill in the blank – smarter, tougher, richer) else to fix it? Some of us are so convinced of our own inability to effect change that we miss those moments of destiny.

What I find fun about Asya, James and Christian is that they are all in. They are embracing their destiny, even if that means muddling through days of what feels like faking it until you make it. Their enrapture with each other only leads them to feeling more certain that it is, in fact, all true. They own it, and are committed to bringing the prophecy to fruition. They accept their feelings toward each other, and also accept their parts in trying to do something that has never been done before – heal humanity and the planet on which we all live, and bring true balance to our existence. That they have no idea how to do any of it, the relationship or the balancing, just makes them unabashedly alive. Asya, James and Christian, as well as the friends they pick up along the way, have a lot of figuring out to do, and it doesn’t all get done in the first book. I look forward to hanging with them all a bit longer as they find their way through the life set out before them. 


​Effie Molina has words crowding her head and occasionally untangles them into stories. Effie is a multi-racial, bi-identified woman living in Western Massachusetts. Effie enjoys exploring the human condition, speaking truth to power and striving to be consistently authentic and brave. She does this best while home with the love of her life, surrounded by kids and beasts. While not writing, she’s supervising a team of child protective social workers by day and dancing in an Afro-Cuban performance group at night.

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Cover Reveal: Must Be Crazy, a Darling Cove Novel by Deborah Garland #Romance

Must Be Crazy
A Darling Cove Novel
By: Deborah Garland
Release Date: October 22, 2018

Keywords: Contemporary romance, spicy, single father, small town, family drama, architect, fireman, attorney, series, infertility, step-parent, redemption 

Having it all means risking everything.

“Heartfelt and emotional, sexy and sweet. You’d be crazy to miss out on this story.” – NYT Bestselling Author Donna Alward
How much can one person take? Skye Mallory watched her brother and sister find true love and now her father expects her to be next. Except, she’s keeping a secret that will devastate her family. When a fire takes out her apartment and law practice in a matter of seconds, she’s ready to snap. But when the handsome fireman she hasn’t been able to get out of her mind saves her, Skye knows just how to say thank you.
Edward Mendelsohn has been a patient man, secretly desiring a woman he can’t have. Between running his architecture business, raising his son by himself and volunteering for the fire department, there’s no room in his life for romance. Until the woman he’s wanted so badly ends up in his arms.
As quick as Edward and Skye discover their scorching desire for one another is quite mutual, life swiftly tears them apart. Can their love survive without everything else going up in flames?

Having it all means risking everything…


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New Release: ASYA IN THE TILT OF THE WORLD by Effie Molina #PNR #Vampires


Asya in the Tilt of the World
The Asya Trilogy
by Effie Molina
Release Date: July 9, 2018
Publisher: Roane Publishing

Keywords: Paranormal, Romance, Vampires, Same sex relationships, Polyamory

*Trigger warning: sexual assault

Asya Hart’s simple human existence ends forever the night she meets Christian and James, two beautiful vampires bonded to each other and united in their mission to find The One who is destined to Balance the Tilt of the World—in other words, heal humanity and the planet. When Asya is compelled to use a healing power she never knew she possessed on the Grandfather of the Blood Community, Christian and James are commanded to bring Asya into The Blood, and the prophecy is set in motion.

Asya learns that she and the rest of her family are all vampires, and that it wasn’t until her blood was raised that she became her full self. Asya is destined to save humanity, but she has no idea how she is supposed to do that! As if the expectations on her aren't daunting enough, she finds herself hunted, an unwelcome symbol of change within the vampire community. Vampires lifespans are linked with humanity: the more chaos and negativity within humans, the longer vampires live. Asya finds herself in the minority, a vampire who believes that working to heal humanity is the right and necessary thing to do, despite the personal consequences. There are those who don’t appreciate Asya's selflessness, and for them the solution is simple: get rid of her before her revolutionary ideas take hold.

In the midst of it all is love, and Asya struggles to not let it distract her. Christian and James are a bonded couple, and Asya has joined them. Asya is drawn to them in ways she has never felt before, but does she really have the luxury of first love? Asya finds herself on the crossroads. Who is she is in this new world? And can she truly be who people expect her to be?



James came up behind her. Wrapping his arms around her he pulled her back against him, gently rocking her. They stood this way a moment in silence. Asya could feel her heart beat slow, gradually, until it was no longer jumping out of her chest. 
Whispering in her ear he reassured her. “Don’t worry. It’ll all get worked out. You need time to learn, and they need time to get to know you.Many of these old creatures have forgotten that such a thing as innocence and naïvety exists.” 
Naïvety, Asya thought to herself. “How unappealing. She had never considered herself particularly naïve before. It occurred to her, in a tangible way for the first time, how much older Christian and James were than her. After all, they looked to be in their early twenties, so she didn’t really think of them as what they were, hundreds of years old. She thought she must seem like some flighty little girl to them. Xavier was probably right, and with good reason. Of course they’d get bored with her sooner or later. 
Christian hissed through his teeth, frustrated, standing up from his chair. 
James glanced back at him, questioningly, tightening his arms around Asya. “What’s the matter, baby? What’s going on in that head of yours?” 
It was difficult to tell if he was directing his question at Asya, Christian, or both. 
At the sound of the word baby, Asya had twisted out of James’ arms, wiping the tears away from her cheeks, irritated at herself for crying. She glared at Christian, defying him to betray her inner thoughts, knowing he probably would anyway when alone with James later. As long as it wasn’t in front of her! 
It was humiliating. There was no such thing as presenting a stoic front, and getting out of a situation like this with one’s dignity, with one guy feeling your feelings and the other eavesdropping on your every thought about him! 
“And it’s paradise for me, knowing how much you value Xavier’s opinions,” Christian retorted satirically. 
“Listen,” James said to Christian and Asya sharply, continuing more gently when they both turned to face him. “How about one crisis at a time, okay? I’m going to go shower and head over to the society building. Do you think you two can manage to not kill each other while I’m gone?” 
They both nodded at him, averting their eyes from each other. 
James made contact with one, followed by the other, and each felt a wave of love, reassurance and tranquility float over them. Their shoulders relaxed slightly, their fists unclenched. 
But he moved away reluctantly, as if afraid to leave them. 
“I don’t know how I fell in love with two hotheads,” he told them, shaking his head, but smiling at them as he disappeared into the house. 
Asya and Christian stood, frozen to their respective spots, in silence. 
After several long moments, Christian sighed. He spoke in a near whisper. “I want you to trust me.” He paused a moment. “Listen, you trusting me, and James, and what the three of us have? It’s a way of trusting yourself…of trusting who you are.” 
Asya looked at him. “I do trust you. Really, I do. But that’s just it, the whole knowing who you are thing… I thought I was there, but every day it seems I’m remindedI’m not. I’m sorry. I’m doing the best I can.” 
She looked down at the ground, feeling her head was so muddied and heavy it might roll off her neck. 
Christian walked over to her. Taking her hands, he placed one on her heart, the other on his own, and leaned down to rest his forehead against hers. They stood a moment in quiet before he began. 
“You and me, we think too much. I can hear it when you think about something involving me. You know that already. But I can sense it when you’re thinking about other things too. It’s beautifuldifferent colors, swirling, busy, all kinds of patterns. You know my paintings?” 
Asya nodded her head slightly, letting him know she was listening. 
“Well, those are James’ thoughts. can see that about people. And you…you, Asya, are a kaleidoscope, spinning and changing all the time. I could sit for hours and watch you. You’re beautiful. can’t wait to get to my paints, but it’s more than that. I imagine I might look similar, you know, in my head. Sometimes when I pay attention to you, I feel as if I’m paying attention to myself. Does that make any sense?” 
And, oddly enough, it did. She squeezed his fingers slightly, raising her head. Her eyes met his, and they stood again in silence, looking at one another, their noses only inches apart. 
“But as beautiful as it is, you and I, we think too much,” he repeated. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned from James, it’s to trust this,” he said, and pressed their hands into their hearts. “Sometimes thinking can’t solve it, not alone anyway. When it gets muddled, you’ve got to turn off your brain and feel.” 

About the Author:

Effie Molina has words crowding her head and occasionally untangles them into stories. Effie is a multi-racial, bi-identified woman living in Western Massachusetts. Effie enjoys exploring the human condition, speaking truth to power and striving to be consistently authentic and brave. She does this best while home with the love of her life, surrounded by kids and beasts. While not writing, she’s supervising a team of child protective social workers by day and dancing in an Afro-Cuban performance group at night.