Friday, June 22, 2018

#FREEBIE #FRIDAY Excerpt from Trust by Avery Woods #NA #Romance

Today's excerpt is from Trust by Avery Woods.
We hope you enjoy today's tease!


Positive. Usually positive is a good thing, right?
I mean, the word positive has a positive connotation. It's not supposed to be a bad
thing. Being in the positive's good. Usually it means you have something. When your bank
account is in the positive, it means you have money. That's a positive thing. Or, let's look at
another prime example: when a couple takes a pregnancy test, a positive result is a good
thing; it means pregnancy was achieved.
Now let's look at life in a general aspect. Common phrases people always use
include: 'look at the positives in life', which correlates to the good things in life. Or when
people talk about how having a positive attitude or mindset is the key to success in life. Both
good things.
Every time I say it in my head, the meaning of the word positive stays the same.
Positive has to be a good thing.
How can ‘positive’ be a bad thing?
Well, in this moment, in this case, being positive, having not good.
"Positive," she repeats.
This doesn't mean what I think it does, does it? As she repeats the statement, it's this
moment, I'm putting together what she just informed me...
This can't be right.
My heart begins to race so fast, I can feel it hammering against my chest. The
pounding of blood pulsating in my ears is deafening. I fear I might actually pass out...
As I inhale deeply, I wipe an excessive amount of sweat from my palms onto my
pants. I wonder if she's noticed how nervous I am.
I follow her gaze to my hands. Yup, she's noticed.
Is she concerned? Disappointed in me? I can't read her expression. She must have
mastered that poker face in medical school. I wonder how many times she's had to have this
exact conversation with someone? One hundred? One thousand?
As her fingers tap on her desk, I realize she is waiting for me to respond. What is the
correct way to respond to something so life altering?
A frivolous thought comes to mind. Maybe, if I just close my eyes and wake up, this
will all be a dream. Like it never happened. Like how it is in the movies. My subconscious
could be playing a sick joke on me. It wouldn't be the first time. I do feel as though I am
having an out of body experience. Almost like the night it happened. That careless night
where I made the most naïve mistake. The night I would give anything to take back. Guess
this is me dealing with the consequences.
I wonder if...
"Hayden, did you hear me?"

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Press Release: Roane Publishing signs four authors for their upcoming ONE STORMY AFTERNOON anthology! #Romance

Roane Publishing is pleased to announce an upcoming sweet romance anthology, ONE STORMY AFTERNOON, slated for a November release. More information regarding the release of this anthology will be made available shortly. In the meantime, please join us in welcoming one returning author and three new Roane family members - and their ONE STORMY AFTERNOON stories:

Thunder Makes Me Cry by Deryn Pittar

Bonds over Chauncey Waters by Janelle Allum

Waiting on You by Lisa Freed

Starting Over by Pamela Fernandes

If you are a book blogger or reviewer interested in participating in the marketing events surrounding the release of ONE STORMY AFTERNOON, please take a moment to join our Blogger Reviewer team by visiting our website and completing the interest form.

~The Roane Publishing Team

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Cover Reveal: A Virtual Love Story by Sharon Hughson #Sweet #Romance

A Virtual Love Story
by Sharon Hughson
Release Date: November 19 2018
Keywords: Sweet, clean, romance, online dating, career woman,

When online romance leads to love

A devastating secret imprisons her. Veronica Shay bemoans her mother’s insistence that love will complete and fulfill her. The Virtual Match Ronnie hires might keep the matchmakers at bay if she can protect her heart from the man behind the texts.

Marcus Jordan, haunted by past relational failures, bumbles in Veronica’s presence. When opportunity presents itself, he poses as her virtual boyfriend. They forge a relationship, but is it built on lies?

When they meet in person, Ronnie can’t reconcile the lies with the truth in her heart. And Marcus can’t maintain the digital image he’s created.

Desperation drives Ronnie to set up a real date with Marcus, but nothing involving her family is ever easy. After her therapist gives her an ultimatum and her family gets horrible news, she’s ready to head back to the safe-haven of a career-centered life.

But her secret is out. Marcus believes he can heal Veronica’s heart. He steps out on a limb to bring her closure, but the olive branch snaps. He plummets to a new low, alone and unlovable, fodder for the ghosts of his past.

Earthquake upon earthquake shakes Ronnie’s world. Can she admit that love is worth the risk? Is being virtually happy possible in the harsh glare of reality?


A Virtual Love Story release blitz sign ups are now open! 

If you're interested in hosting Ms. Woods, please click on the image above.

Friday, June 15, 2018

#FREEBIE #FRIDAY Excerpt from Trust Me by G.P. Gadbois #Contemporary #Romance

Today's excerpt is from Trust Me by G.P. Gadbois
We hope you enjoy today's tease!


“Howdy, Partner. You seem to be in a good mood.” She massaged Bill’s shoulders and kissed him on the cheek.
“I’m excited. Your father was just saying there’s a driving range nearby. It sounds like the perfect place to get you started.”
They had toast and eggs, made some calls and headed out. In the truck Bill leaned toward his favorite girl and kissed her. “Good morning,” he said when she came up for air. He winked, started the truck and drove to the outskirts of Cornwall. ‘Archie’s’ large, brightly colored sign came into view and he pulled into the parking lot, eager to hit a few balls, and begin Suzanne’s golf lesson. He started showing her the basics: how to hold and grip the club and how to stand. He enjoyed the hands-on part of the lesson. From behind, he wrapped his arms around her and swung.
“Any other time I suggest you avoid the water, but not this morning,” he whispered in her ear. “Your goal will be to align your balls and hit them as far as you can. Choose a landmark on the other side of the water and aim for it.” He released her and moved back. She raised the club, swung and missed the ball by a hair. She lifted the club no higher than her waist, swung and connected. The ball lifted, skipped and rolled all of twenty-five feet or so. The next followed the first. He gave her a few extra pointers before heading to his tee box.
Bill had a blast; not only did his balls land close or on target, but his partner entertained him immensely. Suzanne mumbled a string of French sentences; he peeked over his shoulder and saw her bent over grabbing her foot. “Are you okay?” He covered his mouth to muffle a chuckle.
“I’ll survive, but next time I’m wearing my cowboy boots.” She picked up the ball from the tee, pulled her arm back and through it. Pluck! The sucker landed in the pond. “At least I got one in.” Her smug-grin confirmed his suspicion, she was competitive and a perfectionist in everything she did.
They played every ball in their basket, treated themselves to an ice cream cone and returned to the truck.
“Sue.” Bill put an arm over her shoulder and pulled her close to him. “Today, I realized you’re unbelievably strict and disciplined. This was your first time, so don’t get discouraged. You’ll get the hang of it soon enough.”
His lips covered hers before she could comment. Her hand moved over his thigh and he pulled away while he still could. “Keeping my word about taking it slow, is going to kill me.”
“That will teach you. You should have consulted me on this very important matter.”
“Wait and see. Soon, Sam will be dating, and her date might decide to skip over first and second base. Wouldn’t you like her to have a voice?”
“That won’t happen. I won’t allow her to date until she’s eighteen.” He was pleased with his decision.

#Freebie #Friday Excerpt: GHOSTS OF LOST SUMMERS by T.E. Hodden #Romance #OneSultryDay

Today's excerpt is from Ghosts of Lost Summers by T.E. Hodden, part of the One Sultry Day anthology.

We hope you enjoy today's tease!


In the evening I stopped by to pick up Alice. Unfortunately, that meant picking up Dalia too. Dalia emerged first, and walked over, as Alice hung back to take a call. The sneer cemented upon her face by nips, tucks, and botox, was as haughty as ever. She greeted me with a look of disdain as she marvelled at my modest car.
“Did you ever notice how many sports cars, or SUVs there were in the studio lot?” Dalia asked, with the same ersatz kindness she might use when addressing a child who was having trouble keeping a finger out of his nose.
“I don't like sports cars, or SUVs,” I complained.
“Yes.” She looked me up and down. “You seem the sort.”
“What sort?” I spluttered.
“Well...” Dalia waved a hand. “Here I am, doing my level best to create a mythos around my daughter, to give her the aura of all important star quality, to ensure she is seen as the star, as the rising talent, she deserves to be, and here you are-”
“Hey!” Alice sprinted from her building and jumped in the car. “Are we ready?”
“Bunny, darling, you do realise that you can't make my daughter look good by comparison? I know that common sense that standing next to you, she should look like a million dollars and change, but... you do make everything around you so shabby.”
“Mother,” Alice whispered, in a warning.
“This could undo everything the weekend achieved!” Dalia grumbled.
“Oh?” I looked at her. “Is Phil's kitchen renowned as a hotbed for journalists and photographers? Does it often feature in the gossip pages?”
“Don't get angry at me, just because I say it like I see it.” Dalia prodded me with a long fingernail. “I don't know what you have been trying to tell my daughter these last few days, but can we make it quite clear, your little trick is not going to work.”
“My little trick?” I stammered.
“Oh God.” Alice hid in her arms.
“The picking her up, and taking her for meals, and the always being there. You were doing that when Phil let her go, and now you are doing it again. You think you can worm your way into her pants.”
“He isn't.” Alice shook her head. “He really isn't.”
“Yes Dalia, you’re absolutely right. I am a pathetic little man, and whose only chance of ever impressing your daughter is through being a decent human being and treating her with a modicum of kindness.” I shook my head. “You are not an empowered woman who sees it how it is. You are an idiot with no inner monologue.”
“You are a human stain hanging from her coat tail. Not a friend.”
“On the other hand, I knew you were here, and yet I'm still offering to drive.” I folded my arms.
“A real friend would have sent a car from a good service.” Dalia muttered.
“A real friend would offer to have turned up with a pair of shovels and a roll of carpet,” I seethed.
“She doesn't need you.” Dalia snapped suddenly. “She got her foot in the door, she's an asset to the show. She doesn't need little people tethering her to the ground when she could be soaring away into the Dream.”
“Yes,” Alice said, with a forced smile. “I do.”
Dalia sat in silence, ram rod straight, staring at the back of my head the whole way to Phil's place.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Roane Publishing contracts Sharon Hughson and A Virtual Love Story

Roane Publishing is pleased to announce that we have contracted A VIRTUAL LOVE STORY by Sharon Hughson. This is the print, extended version of her Virtual Match Series which includes Reality Meets its Match, Reality Bites, and Reality Ever After.

More information regarding the release, including the Release Blitz will be made available shortly.

If you are a book blogger or reviewer interested in participating in the marketing events surrounding the release of A VIRTUAL LOVE STORY, please take a moment to join our Blogger Reviewer team by visiting our website ( and completing the interest form.

~The Roane Publishing Team

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Guest Post: What if the jilted groom isn't a jerk? What if he's the good guy? by Deborah Garland MUST HAVE FAITH

What if the jilted groom isn’t a jerk? What if he’s the good guy? 

By Deborah Garland 

My jilted groom, Gregory Mallory in Must Have Faith almost never existed in the first place. Let me explain.

It all goes back to the first Darling Cove novel, Must Love Fashion. After I’d been horribly rejected by my own agent for the book that inspired Must Love Fashion, I refused to let the characters go. I knew I had to tell Gwen and Andrew’s love story. I also knew I needed to make some changes. The original novel was part of a planned series that even I wasn’t excited about. In the original novel, Gwen only had a sister. When I dumped the idea of the original series, I turned my attention back to Gwen and her family. Her father was already Martin Mallory and she’d lost her mother at a young age. I was also running out of time.

I’m a member of the Long Island Romance Writers group and an editor was our guest speaker that month. She planned to give us tips on how to pitch a romance series. We were also told to have pitches available for her to ‘critique.’

The morning of the meeting, I grabbed my notebook and began to scribble ideas for the new series. Including titles and characters and plots (loglines). That. Morning. I’d had Must Love Fashion and wanted the titles to match. I titled Gwen’s sister Skye’s book, Must Be Crazy and had a loose idea for the plot. I knew I needed a brother. (In retrospect, I should have made more brothers).

My mind was whirring away. A brother. What is his name? That’s always the hardest part. The name had to be sexy. And classic. I wish I had a fantastic story about where I got ‘Gregory’ from. I don’t. It just came to me. Then I had to figure out a storyline about a man I’d just met and didn’t even know that well. Remember, I had a pitch that morning.

The old stand-by trope “runaway bride’ is always a safe bet, but to be honest, I never cared for those stories. The brides were always running away from a jerk. (Took you that long to figure out, he’s a jerk?) This I remember… The idea… What if the jilted groom isn’t a jerk? What if he’s the good guy?

[Mic drop.]

The clock was ticking. I had the storyline. I needed a runaway bride. Whoever she was, she was coming back to town. (The Runaway Bride is Back) It all came together. Faith. Must Have Faith.

Originally, Must Have Faith was supposed to come after Must Be Crazy. In fact, I’d already written a few scenes. But while re-writing Must Love Fashion, Greg just got all up in my grill. Heroes do that. Even my critique partner said she wanted to date him! By the time, Must Love Fashion was done, I knew I had to write Greg and Faith’s story next. Readers wanted Greg too: “I am wondering if Greg gets his story or happily ever after. Hopefully so!”, “I really hope there is another book about Gwen’s brother’s life because I see some drama there.”, “I’m anxiously waiting for the second book in this series, which I hope is about Gwen’s brother, Gregory. That poor man is in desperate need of some loving!”

Gotta give the people what they want. 



Deborah Garland is a former computer and sports journalist, turned romance and women’s fiction author. She likes to write about love and the struggles of complicated relationships. Her heroines are strong, and the heroes fall hard for them. She lives on the North Shore of Long Island with her husband and when she’s not writing, she’s either in the gym, or reading, cuddled up with their two pugs, Zoe and Harley.