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#FlashFiction Friday! The Kiss, a FREEBIE read by Marika Weber @marika67

The Kiss 

by Marika Weber / Harlie Williams

10 years ago...

“What am I going to do about Ethan? He won't even look at me much less talk to me.  I'm the Homecoming Queen for cripes sake.” Brie threw a book into her locker. “I don't give a hoot that he is my brother's friend.  It's okay for Brad to date my friends but I can't date his?  Gah!  It's hypocritical."

“Listen, I hear you.  I feel bad for you, really I do.” Pia snapped her gum. “Why do think Brad and I snuck around for so long before telling you?  It is hypocritical, but we just clicked.  He makes me laugh and he's good—"

Brie slammed her locker and, shoving her fingers in her ears, started to sing…loudly and off key.  She didn't need the gory details of her brother's and Pia's love life.  Even if she knew that they hadn't gone all the way. 

Grabbing her elbow, Pia pulled Brie toward their next class. 

“Ethan is perfect for me.” Brie sighed. “He's not a jock or a meat-head.  I like that he's kind of a geek.  He gets me.  Who else will play Disney Infinity with me all night long and not make fun of me because I want to be Jack Sparrow?  Or help me build the Death Star in Lego's?  It's like I'm his dirty little secret, and I don't like it one bit.  I mean, is he embarrassed to be seen with me?  I honestly don't understand." Pia shook her head and laughed.  “Drama queen.  One day, he'll wake up and realize that you’re perfect.  It might take a while, but good things come to those who wait.”

“I know, but I'm tired of waiting,” Brie whined.

“Patience is a virtue.”

Brie turned toward Pia. “I'm not a patient person.”

 “Should I talk to Brad about it?’ Pia asked as Brie started toward class.

“Stay out of it, Pia!  I don’t ask questions about you and Brad, so leave it alone.  We are going to be late for class.”   


Present Day


Brie never knew kissing could be an Olympic Sport.  Ethan started it and it ended with tongues being involved.  His gaze never changed.  Boredom is the look that he had, and he just walked away toward a scowling redhead. 

Sure, she’d been kissed before.  Many times in fact, but never like that and probably would never be kissed again either.  She hoped and prayed for another such tongue tango, but no one wants to kiss their "sister" a second time. 

It was not a mistake on her part to get bold enough to do it, but he wouldn’t let it happen again.  Everything happened for a reason with him.  Drove her batty sometimes.  Who knew that kissing the homecoming queen would be so bad?  Apparently to him it was.  To her, the homecoming queen, she finally kissed the prince and he didn't even care one way or another.  She was just a means to an end for him.  Kiss her, make another girl jealous.  Other girl gets the guy and she didn’t even get a thank you.  Just a broken heart.


Brie was at her wit's end.  She’d been pining over Ethan for ten long years.  She’d had a few other boyfriends over the years, but Ethan was the only guy that really got her.  Understood her more than even her parents and twin brother, Brad.    She should be happy, but melancholy plagued her. 

Being the maid of honor in Brad and Pia's wedding, she had things to do.  No more pity parties for her.  Today was about Brad and Pia, not her.  Or Ethan.  Turning on her heels, she went back into the wedding suite to see if Pia needed anything else before the ceremony started. 

Four hours later, Brie peeled off her bridesmaid dress and pink Converse high tops, and finally took a much-needed shower… to wash off the day and her ‘poor me’ attitude.  Captain America boxers and a Princess Leia vintage tee completed the look.  Who was she trying to impress?  Pia's cat? That cat didn't even like her.  Just tolerated her more likely.  Again, Brie just thought she was just a means to an end when it came to people and apparently a cat as well.  No one saw her past the homecoming queen, straight A's all through college, and now a successfully columnist with the New Yorker.  Brie liked to think that she had more going for her than what Elle Woods thought in Legally Blonde.  She was smart, successful and good looking. 

“Just wished Ethan could see it,” Brie said, collapsing on the couch. “Why can’t people see past the image, cat?  I’m a real person with real thoughts, emotions, and feelings.  Not just some pretty face that happens to be smart.  Why am I talking to you?  I need a bed and about 12 hours of sleep.”


Banging on the door at 5 a.m. set Brie to shaking, heart pounding.  Bolting toward the door she wondered if something had happen to Brand and Pia. Her twin intuition thing again...maybe.

She yanked the door open, and gasped. “Ethan!  What are you doing here?”  And, why did he have to look so gorgeous while she probably looked like the ‘morning after’ a night of tequila shots.  Pissiness poured from her lips before he had a chance to answer.  “What do you want?  It’s five in the morning.  Did your girl--” 

Ethan grabbed Brie and crushed his mouth to hers, cutting her words and train of thought clean off.  She softened beneath his hold, and he eventually pulled back, resting his forehead against hers.  He heaved a sigh that sounded a lot like the work, ‘home.’“ Do you love me, Brie?” he whispered. What?  He's deranged.  Yep, certifiable.  Brie couldn't stop giggling.  Why was she giggling?  “What took so long Ethan?”

“Here's the thing, I'm tired of denying my feelings for you.  I've loved you since high school.  I never said anything to anyone, especially Brad because I knew that he would flip out or kill me.  I know that you probably hate me and never want to see me again, but I just had to come over and see for myself."

Brie jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist.  “I’ve waited a life time to hear you say those words, but Brad will kill you for them.”

‘”I’ll deal with him. Later.”  Ethan kissed her again, and they didn’t stop all weekend.


Two weeks later…

Brie thought the afterglow of the wedding and the rest of the weekend with Ethan would grow thin, but it didn't.  If nothing else, it brought them closer and they finally had “the talk” that needed to be said all those years ago.  The only weird thing was having to tell Brad that they were an item and he could suck it.
Knowing that Brad and Pia were coming over to get the rest of Pia's stuff, Ethan and Brie thought that would be the perfect time to break the news to her twin.  It wasn't going to be easy, but they were happy and they didn't care anymore to hide their feelings from each other and the world.  They weren't teenagers anymore…even if they behaved like it.

“They’ll be here any second,” Brie said as Ethan’s hands got friendly while they kissed on the couch.

“We’ll hear them,” he said, trying to unclasp her bra with one hand.

 “So when's the wedding,” Pia and Brad asked at the same time.

Brie squealed and leapt to her feet, face hot. “W-what?”

 “Oh come on.” Brad snickered. “I knew this was going to happen sooner or later.  I kinda hoped when we were in school, but Ethan was being an idiot.  I'm really sorry Brie for making you go through what you thought was rejection from Ethan.  I just didn't want you to get hurt.  I am your brother and older by 10 minutes.”

“You creep!” Brie yelled, belting a throw pillow at his head.

 Brad chuckled. “So we are good, Brie?"                                                                                                                                
“I guess, but stay out of my love life.  I stayed out of yours.  It just hurts that you thought so little of me growing up and my feelings for Ethan.”

“I didn't.  I just don't want to lose our relationship, too.”

Hugging Brad, Brie whispered, “I'll always be your sister and your first friend.”

“So when's the wedding?” Pia asked again.


About the Author:

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When not trying to be Super Blogger and reviewing for her own site, she is a stay at home mom with a 6th grade son that keeps her busy with all of his stuff.  Married for 11 years to her own hero and still madly in love with him, she wouldn’t change a thing about her life.  Okay, maybe living in Ireland or New Zealand but those are just pipe dreams. 

A certifiable sports nut, she craves college football (OU Sooners and Texas A&M Aggies), Baseball (Texas Rangers and Houston Astros), Dallas Stars hockey and Houston Texans football.  After working for the Dallas Stars Hockey Club for 5 years and naming her son after Brian Leetch you’d think she write a hockey story.  Nope, been there, done that and the t-shirt is a rag.  She prefers just to watch the game now.  Less stress.

She loves to hear from readers and other authors.  You can find her on Facebook most days.  Unless, she’s sitting in the carpool line.  The bane of her existence.

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