Friday, April 14, 2017

#FREEBIE #FRIDAY Excerpt from MORGAN'S MOUNTAIN by Krista Ames #Romance

Today's excerpt is from Morgan's Mountain by Krista Ames. 

We hope you enjoy today's tease!


Since she was ignoring him, Luke wandered outside while contemplating how he would win over the woman he thought he knew so well. He’d noticed a huge stack of uncut logs from the kitchen window, and figured he needed something to do. What better way to take out his frustration?

He lined up three huge chunks and got to swinging, then made a stack beside the porch at the back door.

On his upswing of cutting the next batch of logs, a voice came out of nowhere. “What are you doing now?”

 “I needed something to do. Looks like Bill didn’t get a chance to cut wood for you.” He tried not to look in her direction and continued swinging the axe. As she mumbled inexplicably, he could tell she was getting closer by the volume of her voice, and when he sneaked a peak, he could make out her features faintly through the driving snow.

She was just a little scrap of a thing, five feet and two inches, if that, but she’d sure argue another inch or two out of anybody willing to listen. He’d always loved her height. She fit just right in the crook of his shoulder when he wrapped his arms around her. He couldn’t see it now for all the winter Carharts, but she had beautiful shiny black hair that fell past her shoulders when it wasn’t up in a ponytail, and eyes the color of smoky emeralds a person could melt into. Unfortunately, she also had a temper bigger than the Rocky Mountains, and she seemed ready and willing to prove it.

“Did you come out to help me? That was mighty kind of you.” Luke couldn’t help but egg her on.

“No, I did not come out to help you. I was supposed to be doing this.”

She’s mad because I’m cutting wood?

He smirked at her stance. She’d placed both hands on her hips and, if the snow weren’t so deep, he’d be able to see her foot tapping.

“What’s so funny? Do you think this is all a game?”

“I’m sorry, okay? You just look too darn cute standing there.”

She rolled her eyes and turned to walk away.

Luke dropped the ax and ran around her, stopping her progression when he clasped her shoulders. “No, wait, seriously. I’m sorry. If you want me to stop chopping so you can finish, I will, but I was just trying to help. At least let me do this, Morgan.” He raised a pleading eyebrow and dropped his hands to his sides.

“Fine. I’m going back inside. I have other things to do.” She turned from him, heading toward the cabin. “Oh, Luke?”

She had faded slightly from his sight, but he could still see the look she gave brooked no argument. “Please keep your distance. Letting you do this doesn’t change anything.”

“Whatever you say.”

He smirked and, once she was out of sight completely, pulled down his facemask and picked up the ax again.