Friday, May 12, 2017

#FREEBIE #FRIDAY Excerpt from HARPER'S WISH by Krista Ames #Romance

Today's excerpt is from Harper's Wish by Krista Ames. 

We hope you enjoy today's tease!


Duchess unexpectedly stumbled, going down on her knees. 

It was just enough of a tilt and surprise to send Luke, and some of his belongings, tumbling to the ground hard, his icy fingers still clutching the reigns. The horse immediately caught her footing, but Luke wasn’t so lucky. He pulled hard to get loose of the leather straps before his mare snapped the frozen fingers from his hands. “Ah, Duchess, are you alright?” 

The horse whinnied and nudged the back of his head a couple times. 

“Hey, watch where you’re pushing there, that hurts.” He tried to set himself up as his bones and muscles protested. Groaning, he removed a glove and touched where Duchess had pushed on his skull. Sticky liquid spread across his fingers. “Oh, that’s probably not good.”


As she came alongside the mare, it’s prancing revealed a snow-covered person huddled on the ground at its feet. “Oh, no!” Morgan immediately slid off of Pepper, her search and rescue training kicking into gear at the sight of the balled-up, unmoving mass. If the person was still alive, it was only by a thread, and she hoped he hadn’t been trampled by his own horse.