Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Guest Post: My Journey to Publication by Jaye Raymee #WritersLife

by Jaye Raymee

On the way to publication…there are detours and dead ends and back-tracks and wandering in circles for hours…or days…or years.

But there are also mile markers and directional signs.

There’s a short story I wrote in elementary school with a knight kissing a maiden…using the word “ere” with no trace of self-consciousness- “I depart ere your father, the King, arrives”.  I kinda miss those days (and that excitement of using new language for the first time).

I have an essay from 8th grade about wanting to be writer.  That same teacher a couple of years later gave me an A+ for a short story and then erased the “+” and said it was too derivative of Ursula K. Le Guin.  OMG-I was like 15 and totally flattered, so his re-grade backfired.

Over a decade later… I hadn’t written for years because…well…life.  And that was sad.  So I picked up a pen and said “I’m going to write every single week.  AND, I will edit it and type up a final draft. And I did!  I wrote and I wrote and I wrote.

But I couldn’t show it to anybody.  Because…

Well, because SEX.  Because EROTICA.  Because who can show that to their mother who asks, “Whatever happened to becoming a writer”?  When I thought I was supposed to be was Ursula K. Le Guin…or Anne McAffrey (Dragons?!  Darn tootin!)

But then…I read an amazing book.  My Life Uncovered by Lynn Isenberg.  It’s about a woman who wants to write great films but struggles to navigate the crazy that is Hollyweird.  Then, she starts writing scripts for…ahem…adult films. And she finds satisfaction, financial reward, and has an epiphany.

And I has it too: Writers write.  Period.  We write what our muses show us.  We write that story that appears almost whole in our minds and we cannot do anything else until it is written.  So I said, ok, this is what I write.  I write sex and steam and passion and hot werewolves and sexy Irish maidens and women seeking women or men or both and THAT’S when I started getting published.  I sold my first adult story to a now-defunct adult website…and then my second…and getting paid for my words wasn’t the point.  People were READING what I wrote.

At the time I was living in Ireland.  And if you live in Ireland and have the smallest little jot of Writer DNA in your blood, the stories will find you. And those stories will have supernatural creatures crawling out your pen (I write long hand and then re-draft onto my laptop), and squirming all over the page. So I’m excited that the folks at Roane loved Claire O’Neill’s story as much as I did and we’re now bringing you The Wolf Prince.  I hope you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it. 

PS…my mother LOVES the fact that I write these kind of stories…now that I’ve told her J.
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Jaye has been writing since at least the age of eight, and still cherishes that very first manuscript about a knight kissing a maiden. While the subject matter has evolved from those days, the human condition in all its varied forms and all its joyful expressions of intimacy remains central to Jaye's writing. Found anywhere from a small town on California's San Francisco Peninsula to the wild corners of Ireland, Jaye can often be spotted quietly scribbling in a series of notebooks, where stories are born. You may have run into Jaye just this morning at your local cafe and never realized it.
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