Friday, August 25, 2017

#FREEBIE #FRIDAY Excerpt from WATER WOMAN by Claire Davon #Romance #Fantasy

Today's excerpt is from Water Woman by Claire Davon, part of the
Masked Hearts romance/fantasy anthology.

We hope you enjoy today's tease!


           Isidora landed on a tree outside of her property. Through her bird eyes the world was a wash of ultraviolet and electromagnetic fields. Shapes moved around her spelled fence, looking for a way in. She had been leading a quiet life in Zamora, keeping her town prosperous. These intruders offended her. She looked to the lake across the street from her house. It was a small body of water, but it was her personal one. She could boil it, as humans thought water women did, but that would kill the wildlife that made it their home. Just because she had the power didn’t mean it was smart to use it. The fish were as much a part of this life as the birds and…the Abada.
Kimoni was a mystery but she trusted him. She wanted to get to know him better. She…wanted much more than that. She had heard stories of two kinds of supernatural beings mating with one another but had never considered that. Her other lovers had been adequate, but that was all. Her heart yearned for a deeper connection with this man, this shifter from Africa who called a horse his other form.
Isidora knew she could get inside the back bedroom and grab her objects of power before they knew she was in there. Then they would pay for the insolence of violating her sanctuary. She glided past the men unseen, and to the back of the house.
Moments later she was in her human form and her hazel ring and wand were in her possession. She cast out with her senses and found the two men, cursing and struggling to get in. Isidora smiled.
Walking to the front door, she opened it. Concentrating, Isidora bade the lock on the outside gate to release and swing open. When it did so the intruders plunged through, their unshaved faces split with smiles at this unexpected piece of good luck.
Their delight turned to frowns when they saw the woman standing in the doorway. She knew she was not imposing to the untrained eye. All Alojas were small women. Their power did not come from height or strength of their human bodies. It came from within and from the ability to command water.
Hoping that Kimoni had stayed behind to protect his grandfather, Isidora smiled at her intruders.
“Looking for me, tontos?
The men looked at each other. They appeared to be common street thugs, hired to find a brute force way into her place. Her opponent had underestimated her.
“You are Isidora Marin?” the bigger one asked, moving toward her. Isidora smiled thinly and nodded.
“You have been sent on a fool’s errand,” she said. “Turn around and leave now and no harm will come to you.” Yet. Nobody could try to break into her home and not pay a price. That would come later. Let them think they could walk away now.
The other man grinned, his smile missing a tooth. Poor souls had no idea what they were getting into.