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#FlashFiction Friday: Thrown by a Curve by Theresa Kemble #FREE Read!

Thrown by a Curve

by Theresa Kemble

Dexter Anderson shouldn’t be here. Not in a life coach’s office while his batting average was sinking like quick sand. And yet, his coach wanted him there, his entire team wanted him there. Squirming as if he was a five year old being kissed by an elderly aunt didn’t score him points. Roaming his fingers through his hair nor tapping his feet, letting his eyes wander, looking for a focal point to calm his nerves didn’t help either.

A soft voice across from him tried to reassure him. “Dexter, relax. This is our first meeting. I know it can be very uncomfortable talking to a complete stranger about the unpleasant encounter you experienced recently. “

“Being stalked by a crazed fan, throwing paint on your car, trolling you relentlessly on social media isn’t exactly what I call an unpleasant encounter.”

It was downright frightening!

The life coach eased back into her chair and nodded. “Okay, what are you feeling at this moment?”

“Unhinged,” Dexter couldn’t believe that tumbled right out of his mouth so quickly.

“You certainly have a right to be more than unhinged. That unstable fan almost killed you.”

The truth he didn’t want to face, she brought out in the open, ripping it quick off like a bandage to his conscience.

“But she died, I’m responsible for her death.” He turned away, his eyes burning, chewing on his bottom lip not wanting to do the unforgivable sin of crying. Because jocks like him never cry. Always cool, calm, collected.

With a simple touch of her warm hand, she drew him back to a caring, sympathetic face waiting to help. “Dexter, what happened to you, was out of your control. Due to those circumstances, the police officer had to discharge his weapon, there was no other way around it.”

He blew out an exasperated sigh, “I know, I know.” Carrying so much guilt in his heart.

“So, is the counseling helping?”

"No, not particularly, isn’t that why I’m here? Because the sport therapist couldn’t help me?”

She moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue darting out ever slightly but just enough for Dexter to notice her pretty face. Regretting to ask for her name in the beginning of their session, was beyond stupidity.

She interlocked her dainty fingers, like beginning to pray. “Think of me like this, I’m just a spoke on a wheel trying propel you forward in your life. There are going to be ups and downs. Sometimes you’re going to think I’m a nudge getting on your last nerves, and at other times I’m going to be that cheerleader you need the most. You just have to trust me.”

Trust. That word he had often heard but didn’t put much stock in it anymore. When his last manager said oh no, you’re not going be traded at all. The next day, Philadelphia. His then agent said I’m signing you to a fantastic deal, trust me. Now, his finances was bordering on being bankrupt. Trust gave him a sour taste in his mouth.

Rubbing his unshaven jaw he replied. “We’ll see.” Those were the only truthful words he could only offer to her.

The life coach flicked her eyes over to her desk clock, a frown edged on the corner of her mouth, then her lips formed a thin line. “I’m sorry but we’re out of time, and my next appointment is due in a few minutes. Perhaps we should schedule another session?”

He leaned forward, studying her for a moment, he could distinguished her genuine caring nature. And yet, he was holding back. It bothered him. He took a breath in. “Maybe, I guess.”

She reached out to him again through her soft touch. “Please don’t feel any pressure from me. You have the right to turn down any of the sessions that I can provide. I’m looking for your best interest at heart.”

Relief crossed his mind, no pressure, that’s good for him. Then he inquired. ‘How many sessions should there be?”

“As many as you want, you are in control here. It’s your life, your choice.”

His choice, how precious was that to him. For the past few months since that horrible incident happened he hadn’t had much freedom to do anything. His physical wounds had healed. As much as anyone trying to offer him help, his mental scars replaying in his mind didn’t give him much solace. It destroyed his outlook on life. Being somber and sober were his constant companions.

She cleared her throat reminding him he needed to make a choice. To go forward with his life or fall behind.

He wanted his life back.

He nodded. “Okay, I need to take a look at the roster to see the next time I pitch, can I call you later?”

“Absolutely!” she smiled while handing him her card.

He glanced down at the embossed card. Laura Roberts, life coach.

Laura, a pretty name for a pretty woman, actually for a beautiful woman, he thought.

With that, Dexter grabbed his baseball cap that was beside him and pulled it down over his head making sure he wouldn’t be recognized and got up from his chair. He offered his hand to hers, “Thank you, Ms. Roberts, it was a pleasure meeting you today. And I promise to call you soon.”

She got up from behind her desk, returning the gesture with a smile of her own.

“The pleasure was mine. Here, let me walk you to the door.”

Within a moment, they were at the front of her office, ready to say goodbye for now. And yet, Dexter wanted to linger. To take in her smile, her ease, her confidence and definitely her natural charm.

She opened the door. “Now, remember to call me, when you can. I really hope you can give these sessions a try.”

He nodded flashing a quick grin while leaving. “A promise is a promise. Will do.”

As reached his car, a sudden thought took him and surged through his body. What was this? For the first time in a long time, Laura Roberts gave him something unattainable.



About the Author:

Theresa lives on the east coast with her husband. During the day Theresa works in the medical field, by night Theresa glides her fingers over the keys creating sweet romances involving strong plus size women and the alpha males that fall deeply in love with them.