Friday, September 8, 2017

#FREEBIE #FRIDAY Excerpt from CAUGHT BETWEEN WORLDS #Paranoromal #Ghosts

Today's excerpt is from Caught Between Worlds by G.P. Gadbois.
We hope you enjoy today's tease!


Gabrielle struggled to open her lids, a sign it wasn’t time to get up but the creaking annoyed her. A bright yellow wall? Aw, I’m at Carla’s Bed and Breakfast. Who dared wake me?
Gabrielle turned. Suzanne lay beside her. In front of the window, the rocking chair moved back and forth. She shut her eyes and counted to ten. Opened one eye, and closed it. Hallucinations! First the camera, then the mirror, now a rocking chair. What is going on? This is not normal. Think! She took another look. Can’t be an earthquake, the bed would be vibrating too. The house is haunted? It is cold in here. Every hair on her arms stood at attention. She pulled the blankets over her head.
Suzanne needs to see this. She touched her friend’s arm and whispered. “Suzanne?”
Grumpy as a bear, Suzanne growled. “What?”
“Don’t make any sudden moves. I want you to look at the rocking chair in front of the window, and tell me what you see.”
“Look at the rocking chair.”
“Whoopee, it’s rocking. You woke me for this? Stop fooling around and go back to bed.”
“Jeez, fine, go back to sleep. See if I care if we’re slaughtered. You’ll be first – you’re closest.” Gabrielle hid under the covers for safety and warmth. What do I do now? God, please make this quick and painless – I hate pain. Make sure you tell Mom & Dad I love them, and you mind as well notify my brother too.
“Hey, chicken you can come out. It’s stopped now.”
Gabrielle peeked – all still.
“I figured the floor is probably uneven. At my grandmother’s place, when a heavy vehicle drives by, the house shakes; it’s not unusual.”
“Huh! As usual you come up with a sensible answer.”
Suzanne faced her, frowning. “What did you think?”
She’s going to have a field day with this. “The house is haunted, or I’m going nuts,” Gabrielle whimpered.
“I’ve suspected you were nuts for years” She sat up. “We might as well get up. Let’s go see if Wendy and Jules are up.”
Suzanne knocked on their friends’ door, turned the knob and walked in without waiting for an invitation.
Gabrielle followed. “Good morning ladies. Did you sleep well?”
“Gabby?” Wendy glanced at her watch and moved it to her ear. “Not long enough. We watched a scary movie; a real gory one. You know the type—frightens you so much you’re afraid to close your eyes.”
“Well, I slept like a baby. Push over.” Gabrielle joined the girls on the bed.
Wendy moved. “Gabby, we want to hear about that ‘heated conversation’ you had with Rick. Did it have anything to do with sex?”
“Sex? Not at all. No! Does everybody know about this?”
“It’s a hot topic.” Julie sat up. “So what happened?”
Gabrielle repeated the story.
“That’s it?” Julie’s tone suggested disappointment. “You know you could’ve had some wine when Jack offered.”
“I know, I didn’t really care anyway, and I didn’t want to cause a feud.”
“Yeah, but it might have help you relax. You should have seen the look on your face when he pulled you to the love seat. It was priceless.” Julie wiggled on the bed, making the girls bounce.
Wendy wrapped an arm around Gabrielle. “So if the opportunity arises will you enjoy more than just the scenery?”