Friday, October 27, 2017

#Freebie #Friday #Excerpt Where Angels Tread by Christy Thomas #Romance

Today's excerpt is from Where Angels Tread by Christy Thomas, part of the Spooktacular Seductions Anthology.

We hope you enjoy today's tease!


Samael, the Angel of Death kept watch over the target, a lively six-year old girl who stood beside her mother. Her aura hadn’t changed yet, remaining a steady green with a touch of blue along the outside rim. The color indicated she still had time to live, but since he had been sent, her time on Earth was short.

The energetic little blue-eyed child grabbed the paper cup from the counter, and with both hands took a sip. When she was finished, her mother grasped one hand, “Come on, now. It’s time to go.”

Samael swallowed the last of his double espresso, hoping it would give him an edge when the battle started. Some souls don’t accept death, and some are held on the Earthly plane by those that loved them during their brief life. After watching mother and child for two days, he knew he’d have to fight fiercely to separate the child’s soul from the mother’s strong grasp.

“Are we going to the park, Mommy?” the child asked.

A park was no safer from death than any other place. After studying the pair, he still had no clue how the child would die. Death could be delivered by a fall from the monkey bars, or a hit from a stray bullet. It was pointless to continue to guess the mode of death, but it helped him pass the time while he waited.

The mother opened the coffee shop door with one hand and led the bouncing child by the other. “We’ll stop for a few minutes.”

Samael wrapped his wings around his shoulders. The weight of the black feathers gave him much needed comfort. If only he could go back to the days before he had spent time on Earth as a man when he learned about love. Now, he was aware of the pain people experienced when death became final, and his heart ached with each swing of his blade.

He curled his hand, and the scythe he would need to sever the cords that connected the souls to the Earthly realm manifested. He left the cafe, and a coldness seeped into his body as he trudged behind them.

At the corner stood an angel with curly hair. She was eight feet tall with wings of pure white, and a robe lined with gold thread. It wasn’t unusual to spot a Guardian Angel. Every person on the planet had several to watch over them and to help them in daily affairs, but this one studied him, and not any of the hundred or so people on the street surrounding them. He noticed she stood in the Secondary realm, located between the Earthly realm and the Spiritual realm. Angels rarely enter the Secondary realm unescorted, so her mission had to be of extreme importance.