Friday, January 26, 2018

#Freebie #Friday Excerpt from Harper's Place by Sheryl Winters #Contemporary #Romance

Today's excerpt is from Harper's Place by Sheryl Winters.
We hope you enjoy today's tease!


“That new kid never made it in.” Dad’s leaning back against the front counter, sipping a cup of coffee.
“He quit? Already?” Dad just hired him last week. What is it with kids these days? You get a job; you show up. It’s not rocket science.
Dad jerks on his old, faded leather bomber jacket. In his left hand, he’s holding an ancient pair of leather gloves. Does he ever feel guilty for leaving every chance he gets? At the back of the kitchen is the long table where the new kid is supposed to be cutting up onions and tomato. A scant handful of both remain…what exactly was Dad doing all day?
“It’s snowing again.” Dad peers out the window while rubbing his knee. “This damned arthritis of mine is flaring up. One of these days I'm leaving for your Uncle Ed’s place in Florida and I'm not coming back. Good seeing you Patrick.” He nods before directing his attention back to me. “Slugger, you need any money for the subway?”
Sure, he won’t come to my graduation, but he’ll give me subway money. Dads, they never make any sense. “I’m good.”
“You can close early if you want. I don’t think we’ll get too many more customers with this blizzard raging the way it is.”
Dad thinks every snow storm is a blizzard. I don’t care what the TV announced this morning, this is just a winter storm. The door slams shut, the bells ringing out of tune behind him..
“Any chance I can get the WiFi Password?” Patrick cricks his head to the side. He taps away at his tablet.
“Nice try bucko. No WiFi for joo!” As if I’ll give out the password for any old guy, no matter how good looking they are. I lean against the counter, determined to sidetrack him from his internet request. “So what kind of burger you want?" A whiff of his cologne drifts over to me and I have to remind myself not to breathe in too deep, but oh man, he smells so good.
“Something different, and are you sure I can’t have the password? I need to check my email like junky bad.”
“Burnin’ Luv Jalapeno Burger, and I don’t trust guys with my WiFi password unless they plan on staying in town for longer than a month.” Because Patrick is known for showing up, having a meal then leaving for his next stint. Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, you name it, he’s been there, he’s fought there. I should give him the password for fighting for our country, but no. I’ll have everyone in his unit coming here to use my bandwidth. And that’s one thing I pay for, not dad. I can’t afford an entire unit’s bandwidth.
“Jalapeno. Too normal,” His lips twist. “What else do you have? I need something different enough to pique my interest.”