Friday, January 5, 2018

#FREEBIE #FRIDAY Excerpt from Reality Meets its Match by Sharon Hughson #Contemporary #Romance

Today's excerpt is from Reality Meets its Match by Sharon Hughson.
We hope you enjoy today's tease!


Later that night, Ronnie stroked her deep red and gray comforter. The brushed microfiber smoothed along her freshly shaved legs. Time for the best bedtime routine she had ever known. A pathetic admission?

Major hopped up, rubbing his cheek along her big toe. Flaking polish reminded her that next Sunday’s schedule should include a pedicure. She fingered the phone before her thumbs tapped out her message: Stretched out on the most wonderful comforter in the world.

MBOND: A challenge?

The thundering in her ears drowned out Major’s purrs. Was it completely wrong that her breath hitched? Michael’s words made her body respond in strange and wonderful ways.

RONNIE: Just a fact. Week ahead looking good?

MBOND: Don’t want to talk about work. What R U wearing?

Ronnie’s heart leapt toward her throat. She covered it with a palm, letting her eyes slide over the spaghetti straps, silky camisole, and boy short bottoms. The burnished bronze of the silk glittered against the dark red backdrop of her quilt.


MBOND: Granny gown with polka dots?

What? Because she needed an online service to find her a boyfriend meant she dressed like an old lady? He was about to discover how wrong he was to make assumptions. Her fingers tapped out a reply. LOL. No. Shorts and camisole.

MBOND: Lacy?

RONNIE: Not really.

MBOND: Sheer? Slinky? Sexy?

Would he find her sexy? She swallowed to add moisture to her suddenly dry mouth. Did she want that?

RONNIE: If I told, you might have a heart attack.

MBOND: Goal achieved. Imagine see-through everything. Very nice.

The thumping in her chest migrated to her abdomen. Heat licked lower still. Her face exploded into flames. These sensations were more foreign than traveling to Europe. Nothing and no one had caused fluttering and fire. Why now?

RONNIE: Pretty long text from a man who just had a heart attack.

MBOND: I’m in pain & you joke?

Her heartbeat revved at the thought of Michael wanting her like she wanted him. She closed her eyes and took several shuddering breaths.

RONNIE: Stop that overactive imagination. Problem solved.

She needed to take her own advice. The responding text chime came before she could cool the flush from her cheeks.

MBOND: Hardly. You’re beautiful. A man can dream.

Ronnie let the phone slip to her lap. What was this man doing to her? Was it right to have fantasies about someone she’d made up on a whim? Or was she starting to feel something for the man behind her fictional boyfriend?

No. She shook her head. That was not part of her plan.