Friday, February 9, 2018

#FREEBIE #FRIDAY Excerpt from A Symphony of Heartstrings by T.E. Hodden #PNR

Today's excerpt is from A Symphony of Heart Strings by T.E. Hodden.
We hope you enjoy today's tease!


My next stop is University College. I make my way down into their science labs and find the student pigeon holes. There are two girls taking classes here who have been stubbornly refusing my best efforts to have their paths cross for over a week. They brushed past each other at three different Rag Week events, finding a thousand different distractions when their eyes only had to meet for a moment.
Today however, I feel lucky.
I take the results from their latest tests from their pigeon holes and swap them over. Then I take some DVDs of “Little Shop of Mysteries” from my pocket and leave them in the two piles of internal mail
Both Ceri—nineteen, pansexual, and Muslim—and Bennytwenty-two, cute as a button, and eternally cheeky—loved the show as kids. I tuck cards in the slip cases of the DVDs inviting them to consider the college's Retro Culture Group that meets on Tuesdays in a local pub to discuss such important topics as cartoons, science fiction, and collectibles. If the girls don't track each other down to hand over the exam results, they can meet at the pub.
I duck out of view and lurk at the bottom of some stairs.
The girls arrive at the pigeon holes at the same time as they do every day. They nod politely, same as always, without noticing each other. Today, though, they pause. Ceri is the first to give a polite laugh. She turns the DVD over in her hands with a nostalgic grin.
Benny catches her eye and hands her the results envelope. They exchange letters and a few words. They get chatting about the DVD. Both have enthusiastic smiles on their lips. Benny does not notice that she is playing with her hair more. Ceri is stumbling over her words.
Their eyes meet, and there is a bolt of lightning between them. They shake hands, and there is a cautious enquiry if one might like to have a coffee with the other? They make a tentative agreement.
I leave them to sort it out amongst themselves. It is not a set thing, but I can come back in a few days if they need a bit of a nudge in the right direction. I don't linger to see how they get on. I have a busy afternoon ahead of me.