Friday, March 30, 2018

#FREEBIE #FRIDAY Excerpt from Must Love Fashion by Deborah Garland #Contemporary #Romance

Today's excerpt is from Must Love Fashion by Deborah Garland.
We hope you enjoy today's tease!


“This is amazing!” Gwen clasped her hands together in front of her.
The view from the lighting designer’s booth really was the best seat in the house.
The space was no bigger than a fireman’s rescue bucket, leaving her no choice but to be pinned up against him for most of the show. At times, his hands brushed against her arms as she swiped her hair away from her neck. As the lighting team passed by again and again, her body fell into his. On and off, his fingers pressed into her waist. The hold went from soft and gentle, as if he had no other place to put his hands, to a tighter sensation. Demanding.
Or was she just imaging all of this?
The temperature was several degrees warmer due to their elevation and the lights around them. Small trickles of sweat were beading down her back, and when Andrew leaned in to make comments during the show, his breath was hot on her shoulder, sending tingles all over her skin. She feared her nipples were raging and the small cups Salvatore had sewn into the gown would not be enough fabric to camouflage how Gwen was feeling at the moment.
Watching the show, Andrew’s head bobbed in a rhythm that matched the beat by beat steps of the models. He should go back to modeling. Sales would soar. Gwen loved that he usually skipped a jacket in the office. Prada’s men’s shirts were designed for his build. Wide shoulders and a broad chest tapered down to a narrow waist. Brick red was his favorite color; the fabric made his skin look paler than it was, accentuating his cheek bones.
And this man could rock dress slacks, even if Prada’s pants weren’t made for his high round butt. The fabric stretched tight across his delicious derrière. He stood out from other men in the room the way a black stallion looks prancing among broken down work mules.
Andrew may still look like a top model but he had down to earth qualities. Everyone had a work persona, and at a high-profile company like Prada, image was everything. She’d seen many sides of Andrew. The man who stood up to Salvatore. The man who respected Enrico. And then…there was the man who worked with her. That was the most human side she’d seen.