Friday, March 16, 2018

#FREEBIE #FRIDAY Excerpt from The Wolf Prince by Jaye Raymee

Today's excerpt is from The Wolf Prince by Jaye Raymee.
We hope you enjoy today's tease!


She was back in the dim night, in the moonlight, in the dream. Similar to her dreams as a child, but shot through with feelings and sensations she’d learned as an adult. She ran through the deserted streets outside her hotel, clothing torn, breathing hard, too frightened to look behind herself to see if she had outdistanced her pursuers. When a low growl sounded from somewhere behind her, she knew she hadn’t lost them. When she ran out of streets and into the grass and trees of a large park, she desperately wondered if she could lose herself in the woods, or if she would only hinder herself while running into the territory her pursuers would handle better than she could.

Suddenly, in the full moon light that illuminated the clearing ahead of her as well as day, she saw him. Connor, his golden eyes catching her in their gaze and drawing her in to him. Afraid of him, but more afraid of the claws she could now hear scrabbling on the rock strewn path behind her, she chose the possible safety of his presence and burst into the clearing herself. Without quite realizing how, she found herself in his arms, enveloped in his scent, and his coat whipping around her as if to offer her refuge within its folds. She buried her head in his chest as a child might, to keep out a nightmare.

Abruptly, a howl sounded from outside the clearing, answered by another from the opposite side. They were surrounded!

Still hiding her head, Claire felt Connor’s arms tighten around her and press her closer, and she could feel a rumbling coming from the man, a sound that grew into a low growl. The sound vibrated inside her very skin, and, unable to help herself, she melted even more deeply into his embrace.

Warned away, her pursuers retreated back into the blackness beyond the clearing, and Connor gently raised Claire’s face to his own. Almost glowing in the moonlight, his eyes pierced her deeply, and she was completely unresisting as he lowered his lips to hers, heat pouring from him into her like a flame as his mouth found hers, opening her and exploring her with his first kiss. She found herself responding, her hands reaching up to tangle themselves in his unruly hair, her tongue darting out to taste his, feeling the sharp points of his teeth.

Suddenly, she was the aggressor, rolling on top of him even as she wondered at her wanton behavior. His hands, helped by hers, slid along her trembling thighs, up and under her skirt, while their mouths never lost contact, sharing the same breath and moving as one under the gently glow of the moon.