Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Guest Post: Avery Woods and her journey to publication #WritersLife #NewRelease

My Journey to Publication

by Avery Woods

                The journey to publishing my first book Trust was an exciting, yet nerve racking experience for me. Publishing a novel was always a goal I had, but it was never the reason I started writing.  I started writing because I love to write. Writing makes me feel good, so I continue to write, partially for myself.
                At night before falling asleep, my mind would create these imaginary scenarios. The next day, I knew I just had to write about them. Writing became a therapeutic process. The more I wrote, the more I felt myself wanting to write. Even when I was out at night with family or friends, I mentally would be brainstorming when I could write next. Something about sitting down and letting the creative side of my brain take over ends up relaxing me.
                In my personal life, I am very Type "A." I like to plan my day, create lists, and stay organized.  I like to be prepared. Writing brings out the exact opposite of how I normally am, which I love. When I begin to write a story, I have a minimal outline of what I plan to write. Most days I sit in front of the computer, and just let my fingers begin typing, not knowing where my story is headed. For some reason, not planning my every chapter takes the pressure off when I write. I think if I planned certain chapters, I would create certain expectations in my head, and struggle more to meet those expectations. When I don't plan, I feels as if in some way I am growing and developing with my characters at the same time they are.
                 As much as I try not to base real life events in my book, sometimes I notice details that slip in. There is a scene in my book, where my protagonist and her girlfriends are talking about embarrassing moments. One of the protagonist's friends, Cori, talks about how she met her ex-boyfriend in college playing the "introduce your partner to the class" game.  I had a similar experience to Cori. My first day of college, I was paired with another student. He introduced himself to me, and listed off random facts about himself that I was going to have to relay to the class. I was so focused on remembering the facts he listed, that when it was time for me to "introduce" him to the class, I blanked out and forgot his name.  He ended up having to tell the class what his name was. It was embarrassing for me, because I felt awful that I forgot his name, when he had just told me it, not more than five minutes earlier.
                After I finished writing Trust, I was uncertain if I wanted to submit for publication. The main reason I was hesitant to submit my novel for publication was because of the self -doubt I had. One day I would want to submit my book, and the next day I didn't want to submit it. After talking with writers, I realized that most writers have some degree of self-doubt. "Is my book good enough?", "Will people like my book?" These are the kind of questions that crossed my mind numerous times. Reminding myself that art is subjective definitely helped cease my doubts. I jotted down the positives that would come if I took the risk and submitted my book. The positives outweighed the negatives, and I knew I wanted to try to submit my novel.
                Before submitting my novel to Roane Publishing, I was debating whether I wanted to self publish, or apply to a traditional publisher. After completing research, I knew I wanted to apply for a  traditional publisher. Excited doesn't even begin to cover the feeling I had when Roane offered to publish my book.  The publishing process has been an amazing learning experience for me, and I am glad that the staff at Roane were able to help and support me through the publishing process.


About Avery Woods

Avery Woods lives in beautiful, but sometimes rainy Vancouver, BC, Canada. In addition to writing, Avery Woods works as a full time Registered Nurse. When she's not writing or working as a nurse you can find her consuming books by the minute. Trust is her first book.

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