Friday, April 27, 2018

#FREEBIE #FRIDAY Excerpt from Through Fire by Sage MacGowan #NA #Romance

Today's excerpt is from Through Fire by Sage MacGowan.
We hope you enjoy today's tease!


She also remembered to bring a novel today, and tried to read while she waited for class to begin, but her comprehension was lacking. On pins and needles, every time she heard a student walk in her eyes lifted.

Him? No. Male, but dark hair, slim build. Next were two girls chatting. Another boy, but wrong height. Her stomach quivered with anticipation.

Her heart leapt when he strode in. His eyes met hers, then he paused and his brows lifted momentarily. She looked down at her book, but could feel his eyes on her. The back of her neck tingled as he walked down the row and took the seat behind her.

After the class was over Cass went to the campus bookstore to purchase the required texts, and it appeared at least half of the students on campus had the same idea. Well, just no hope for it; her professors had already heaped on several major assignments. She went upstairs and scanned the shelves of the Psychology section, finding the first book on her list on the very top shelf. Wonderful.

Her search for a stool or something to stand on was in vain. She stretched onto her toes and reached up as far as she could. Still not good enough. Why did she have to be so short? Okay, five-foot-three-and-a-half-inches wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great either. She pulled together other books from her list, walked back, and used them to make a step-stool.

As she prepared to step up, a shadow of movement appeared in the corner of her eye. With a quick gasp she leapt back a step. Gym Guy reached easily to the shelf and plucked a book from the line-up.

When he turned toward her, she looked up into solemn grey eyes as he held the book out to her, his eyebrows raised in question. Cass angled her gaze toward the carpet, took the book from him, and managed a strangled, “Thank you,” right before spinning around and scuttling away.

Until she reached the other side of the floor. It then occurred to her she had left behind her purse and the other books. She cringed, spun around, and walked back to the Psychology section.

Except her purse and the books weren’t there.

Not on the floor, anyway. The student from her math class was still standing there, but now he held up the basket containing her belongings. With flaming cheeks, she reached out and took it from him.

Over in the Mathematics section relief filled her at seeing the book for Comp Graphics on a middle shelf. She dragged the enormous volume into the basket. Geez, why couldn’t she have picked this up first? It alone could have been used as a stool to reach the Neuropsychology text.

On the other hand, the sight of those entrancing smoky eyes had been so worth the hassle.