Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Guest Post: The Inspiration behind TRUST ME by G.P. Gadbois

Trust Me, A Moment in Time Novel 

by G.P. Gadbois

When choosing a title, my goal is to select something meaningful. Here’s what inspired me for Trust Me.

I believe honesty, communication, respect, trust and love are essential to build a healthy and lasting relationship. In this novel, I concentrate on trust because it fits Suzanne and Bill’s story best. They dated, broke up and now, one year later, decide to give each other a second chance.

Although the attraction and desire between the two is stronger than ever, they both need to deal with the past and forgive one another. Sounds simple enough, but once you’ve been hurt or deceived, doubt lingers. With Bill’s streak of bad luck, he feels the risk of failure is great. The age gap between him and Suzanne still exists, and he has no control over his daughter’s feelings. Then, Suzanne, a strong-willed woman, struggles with insecurities. To overcome them, she must accept that Bill is not like her unfaithful ex-boyfriend. This is especially difficult to achieve as Bill’s malicious ex-girlfriend is still in the picture and threatens Suzanne every opportunity she has. Suzanne dislikes her so much, she even suspects the dreadful woman is the one responsible for all the troubles occurring at the garage.

Once the couple starts tackling the barriers together, with openness, their relationship blooms. Where there is trust, there is happiness and by the end of the novel, Suzanne and Bill are happy.

I chose ‘A Moment in Time’ for the name of the series because of the ripple effects caused by one trip. In Caught Between Worlds, the first book of the series, Gabrielle, Suzanne, Wendy and Julie set out on a trip they had talked about for years. Unfortunately they end in a town where paranormal activity is a problem. If you don’t believe in the saying, ‘everything happens for a reason’, this series might not be for you; however, by the forth book, hopefully you will agree - the trip does impact Gabrielle, Suzanne, Wendy and Julie’s lives.

In ‘A Moment in Time’ series, you’ll come across wonderful young ladies, hot loyal men, vengeful characters, killers, paranormal activities, angels, horses, dogs, passion, suspense, and much more. Sometimes you’ll laugh and on occasion you’ll feel sad or scared, but there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

In book one, once the dare-devil Gabrielle encounters a ghost, danger lurks. The hot deputy in town has his work cut out, but he intends to keep her safe and close.

As mentioned above, in book two, after being apart over one year Suzanne and Bill come together.

In book three and four I will concentrate on Wendy’s separation and Julie’s journey as a single parent; hardships many face. Not the life the two girls dreamed of, but with the positive support of their girlfriends Gabrielle and Suzanne, they stay optimistic and eventually settle down with men who show them tenderness and treat them like goddesses.

Since I’m a sucker for Happy Ever After stories, I will continue to write them. Lasting relationships are becoming rare, but I hope my novels will bring people hope. When you meet the right person happy endings are possible - Trust Me. 


​G.P. Gadbois is a wife and mother of three. In her last year of high school, she enjoyed writing a weekly column published in the French newspaper in her home town, Cornwall, Ontario. Writing then took a back seat for years, and now that her children are grown it’s become her favourite hobby. She is the author of Caught Between Worlds – a novel, and Melissa’s Sweetheart – a short story, both published by Roane Publishing.

Currently, she is busy writing her third novel and also writes ‘Memory Lane’, a short family story she posts on a monthly basis on her Facebook Author page. Entertaining others is like breathing – it is part of who she is.