Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Guest Post: When You Come From FanFic... by Theresa Kemble #WritersLife

 When you come from FanFic…

by Theresa Kemble

Hello there! My name is Theresa Kemble and it’s very nice to meet you! I have the honor and privilege to write for Roane Publishing. To be honest, it’s been a daunting transition from writing fanfiction to having my first novella debuted with a wonderful publishing company.

While I’ve always loved writing fanfiction from the hip-- experimenting with different writing styles and creating fantasy based stories about a favorite actor, or in my case, a favorite singer-- it truly doesn’t prepare you for the challenges of becoming a published author. There’s so much to learn and yes, I’m still learning! So with that in mind, I’d like to discuss my transition on this blog in the hopes of helping other aspiring writers like me!

When you come from fanfiction there’s no deadline. You post stories at your leisure, on a particular thread/online fan site, and then watch and wait for the readers responses. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes, it’s bad. However, the immediate feedback has always been an invaluable service to help me improve my craft, and many people who’ve read and loved my stories began encouraging me to pursue my dreams of becoming a published author.

In the beginning of my journey, I didn’t know where to start. I worked diligently on my first manuscript and gave it to a well-known publishing house whose feedback was a true eye opener. They told me to develop a deeper POV and have more of an active voice. Of course, my naiveté was apparent. As a result of their constructive comments, I took a number of excellent online writing courses, and I joined a very supportive writers group to help me critique my work, polish and ultimately improve upon my developing skills.

I love to write! It always brings a smile to my face when new characters come in to tell their stories, and I lovingly jot down every single emotion they’re feeling. Another thing I want to say about writing concerns dedication and discipline. Patience is a virtue when writing because sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. Especially, when you’re trying to keep track of your characters motivations and interactions. Take your time, it’s your story. Whether you create an outline or you’re an organic writer (like me) who writes spontaneously, have fun doing it! Your voice as a writer is a very important one.

What is it that you want to say to your readers? What do you want them to feel as they read your words for the first time? Is it Love, Happiness, Humor? It could even be Anger, Betrayal, Envy and yes, a little bit of Lust thrown in too! It’s all up to you!

For me, as an avid reader of contemporary romance, the storylines were sometimes frustrating. Why? Because I’m a woman with curves, and quite frankly, there’s not much out there to reflect that beautiful part of our population.

So with that in mind, I hope you enjoy my romantic stories for women with curves and the hot alpha males that fall desperately in love with them. And once again, I’m so grateful to Roane Publishing for taking a chance on an aspiring writer to bring her stories to the page and letting her imagination fly!

In closing, for those hopeful writers who are honing in on their craft, I want to give these words of encouragement. Never lose hope! Dream it and write it! It can truly happen!

With warm wishes,

Theresa Kemble

About the Author:

Theresa lives on the east coast with her husband, Bob. Both are avid sport fans.  During the day, Theresa works in the medical field. At night when she gets home from work, that’s when her imagination starts and she lets her fingers fly over the keys telling stories about women with curves, realizing their loves, hopes and dreams. Theresa also loves the city she was born and raised in and a little bit of that city goes into her stories as well. Besides writing, Theresa enjoys going to the movies, listening to music and of course, reading contemporary romances.