Friday, June 1, 2018

#FREEBIE #FRIDAY Excerpt from Emerald's Ring by Jaylee Austin #Fantasy #Romance

Today's excerpt is from Emerald's Ring by Jaylee Austin.
We hope you enjoy today's tease!


Harmonia pulled the comforter over her head to blind out the light and dull the ache in her temples. Sometime during the night Tristan had put her in his bed. She preferred his rough exterior to the sweetness of his gesture making her desire his company, his faerie charm. All in her village knew of the danger of the sidhe touch. She refused to allow herself to fall for the glamour and its addictive sweetness of desire.

Reality of the morning light brought to life the dark shadows she dreamt. By sundown, she’d be forced to betray the Indian village. Death had evaded her, and now she would be forced to commit the crime of stealing the chalcedony stone. A new wave of nausea ate at her stomach as she faced the undeniable fact of what she must do to a tribal of innocent people.

Sitting in bed, she glanced around Tristan's bedroom. A rodeo-riding poster hung over the dresser. On the back of the door a horseshoe held a pair of jeans with a large buckle with an image of a bucking horse with the words, Cowboy Up.

She crawled out from underneath the patchwork quilt. Almost out the door, she smelled the aroma of fresh coffee; unable to quiet her roaring stomach, she headed into the kitchen and she leaned against the archway.

Tristan was slicing strawberries. She watched him place the fruit into two bowls. Eggs and toast were already on the table. Her hunger demanded she stay.

Tristan’s long ebony hair hung down his back and his muscles rippled to a nice v-shape. When he turned, their eyes locked. A sizzle of energy crackled in the air like a summer storm. She shuddered.

The glamour he'd used earlier on his features faded away and he stood before her in his purest form. She admired the darkened features of his eyes, his lengthened jaw, and full lips inviting her to nibble them.

She winced as a sharp pain pierced her brain. He rushed to her side. His large hands cupped the side of her head and rubbed her temples. A soothing flow of energy eased the pain.

She placed her hand on his chest and pushed him away, not wanting him to read her emotions. "Is there a way to remove this from my arm?" she asked with a pleading look in her eye.

He set their plates on the table. "It's unwise to remove the solomon wand until your captors are finished with you. It’s better to let them think your body is weak and unable to defend against the restraint of the copper."

She gritted her teeth. Tristan was right. She took a seat at the table feeling helpless. At any moment she could be ripped through the ley lines and find herself back in the trolls’ cave.

The Dimercaprol healing effects made her feel like herself, stronger and more in control of her body. She took a spoonful of porridge and savored the luscious strawberries.