Friday, June 22, 2018

#FREEBIE #FRIDAY Excerpt from Trust by Avery Woods #NA #Romance

Today's excerpt is from Trust by Avery Woods.
We hope you enjoy today's tease!


Positive. Usually positive is a good thing, right?
I mean, the word positive has a positive connotation. It's not supposed to be a bad
thing. Being in the positive's good. Usually it means you have something. When your bank
account is in the positive, it means you have money. That's a positive thing. Or, let's look at
another prime example: when a couple takes a pregnancy test, a positive result is a good
thing; it means pregnancy was achieved.
Now let's look at life in a general aspect. Common phrases people always use
include: 'look at the positives in life', which correlates to the good things in life. Or when
people talk about how having a positive attitude or mindset is the key to success in life. Both
good things.
Every time I say it in my head, the meaning of the word positive stays the same.
Positive has to be a good thing.
How can ‘positive’ be a bad thing?
Well, in this moment, in this case, being positive, having not good.
"Positive," she repeats.
This doesn't mean what I think it does, does it? As she repeats the statement, it's this
moment, I'm putting together what she just informed me...
This can't be right.
My heart begins to race so fast, I can feel it hammering against my chest. The
pounding of blood pulsating in my ears is deafening. I fear I might actually pass out...
As I inhale deeply, I wipe an excessive amount of sweat from my palms onto my
pants. I wonder if she's noticed how nervous I am.
I follow her gaze to my hands. Yup, she's noticed.
Is she concerned? Disappointed in me? I can't read her expression. She must have
mastered that poker face in medical school. I wonder how many times she's had to have this
exact conversation with someone? One hundred? One thousand?
As her fingers tap on her desk, I realize she is waiting for me to respond. What is the
correct way to respond to something so life altering?
A frivolous thought comes to mind. Maybe, if I just close my eyes and wake up, this
will all be a dream. Like it never happened. Like how it is in the movies. My subconscious
could be playing a sick joke on me. It wouldn't be the first time. I do feel as though I am
having an out of body experience. Almost like the night it happened. That careless night
where I made the most naïve mistake. The night I would give anything to take back. Guess
this is me dealing with the consequences.
I wonder if...
"Hayden, did you hear me?"