Friday, June 15, 2018

#FREEBIE #FRIDAY Excerpt from Trust Me by G.P. Gadbois #Contemporary #Romance

Today's excerpt is from Trust Me by G.P. Gadbois
We hope you enjoy today's tease!


“Howdy, Partner. You seem to be in a good mood.” She massaged Bill’s shoulders and kissed him on the cheek.
“I’m excited. Your father was just saying there’s a driving range nearby. It sounds like the perfect place to get you started.”
They had toast and eggs, made some calls and headed out. In the truck Bill leaned toward his favorite girl and kissed her. “Good morning,” he said when she came up for air. He winked, started the truck and drove to the outskirts of Cornwall. ‘Archie’s’ large, brightly colored sign came into view and he pulled into the parking lot, eager to hit a few balls, and begin Suzanne’s golf lesson. He started showing her the basics: how to hold and grip the club and how to stand. He enjoyed the hands-on part of the lesson. From behind, he wrapped his arms around her and swung.
“Any other time I suggest you avoid the water, but not this morning,” he whispered in her ear. “Your goal will be to align your balls and hit them as far as you can. Choose a landmark on the other side of the water and aim for it.” He released her and moved back. She raised the club, swung and missed the ball by a hair. She lifted the club no higher than her waist, swung and connected. The ball lifted, skipped and rolled all of twenty-five feet or so. The next followed the first. He gave her a few extra pointers before heading to his tee box.
Bill had a blast; not only did his balls land close or on target, but his partner entertained him immensely. Suzanne mumbled a string of French sentences; he peeked over his shoulder and saw her bent over grabbing her foot. “Are you okay?” He covered his mouth to muffle a chuckle.
“I’ll survive, but next time I’m wearing my cowboy boots.” She picked up the ball from the tee, pulled her arm back and through it. Pluck! The sucker landed in the pond. “At least I got one in.” Her smug-grin confirmed his suspicion, she was competitive and a perfectionist in everything she did.
They played every ball in their basket, treated themselves to an ice cream cone and returned to the truck.
“Sue.” Bill put an arm over her shoulder and pulled her close to him. “Today, I realized you’re unbelievably strict and disciplined. This was your first time, so don’t get discouraged. You’ll get the hang of it soon enough.”
His lips covered hers before she could comment. Her hand moved over his thigh and he pulled away while he still could. “Keeping my word about taking it slow, is going to kill me.”
“That will teach you. You should have consulted me on this very important matter.”
“Wait and see. Soon, Sam will be dating, and her date might decide to skip over first and second base. Wouldn’t you like her to have a voice?”
“That won’t happen. I won’t allow her to date until she’s eighteen.” He was pleased with his decision.