Thursday, July 12, 2018

Cover Reveal: One Stormy Afternoon a #Sweet #Romance #Anthology

One Stormy Afternoon
A Sweet Romance Anthology
Release Date: November 5, 2018

Keywords: Sweet, Romance, Anthology, Fall, Contemporary, Family, Relationships, Secrets, Drama, Marriage, Divorce, Second chances, Fresh Start, Sailing, Abandonment

Bonds over Chauncey Waters by Janelle Allum

Divorce. Not a word any person wants to hear. But by thirty years old Geraldine "Geri" Walker finds herself confronting just that dreadful word when Jordy Bishop—the only man she’s ever loved—walks out.

Now, the focus is on selling their marital home to avoid a messy breakup. The only hitch is the house is located in Chauncey, a small, old-fashioned town which frowns on divorce so much that they are forced to pretend to be a happy couple to get the house sold.

They go along with the ruse for financial gain and independence, but when the estranged husband and wife come together for business, they realize that distance has not erased the past…or the pain. In fact, coming together compels them to finally address the secret which led to the demise of their marriage—a secret that’s been eddying beneath the surface for far longer than imagined. However, the truth can often be a blessing and a curse. It can provide an emotional release or cause a torrent of emotions. In the end, Geri and Jordy must decide what the truth is really worth to them.   

Starting Over by Pamela Fernandes

Cara Wallace is stunned to find Nathan Reynolds back in Henderson County. And his sudden arrival brings to the fore unresolved questions of what might have been. How could she unwrite the past? How could she undo the mistakes? How could she unlove him?
Nathan Reynolds can't understand why Cara chose to stay in this small town when she'd planned to go to college all her life. How could she sacrifice her career, her future and their love for a small run-down cottage in the middle of nowheresville? Whatever her reasons, Nathan intends to find out and start over again!

Thunder Makes Me Cry by Deryn Pittar

Fear and confusion reign when Antonia Prebble meets Andrew Mason in a thunderstorm. Not the most auspicious beginning for a romance which stumbles and falls when Antonia discovers Andrew has lied to her. She decides to continue with her career leaving Andrew in a position of weakness, something a man in his position is not used to. He wants her forgiveness but first he has to find her then he has to convince her to trust him. But he has memories that affect his behaviour. Can Antonia be the one to unfreeze his emotions and unlock his heart? 

Waiting on You by Lisa Freed

Terrin Tompkins, recently moved back to Pennsylvania to set up her needlepoint business, just wants to help out her longtime friend and single mother of one Sarah by picking up her son after school. Not blessed with the most patience in the world the school pick-up line is trying. Especially when Greg Yorkton thinks he’s more important than everyone else waiting and line cuts several times.

A chance encounter at the supermarket helps clear up the bad feelings between the two. When Greg stops and helps Terrin after her car breaks down on a stormy afternoon she’s officially ready to see where things might go with the quiet writer. Greg has other ideas and asks if Terrin would like to go out…with his widowed brother-in-law Steve. Will Terrin find unexpected romance with pediatrician Steve or will Greg finally see that she’s been waiting on someone like him?


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